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From Istanbul, Turkey, Öncel Cebeci, or Hexer, grew up with metal and punk music, having played bass guitar in a punk band, before being exposed to the world of electronic music sometime in the mid-2000's, through acid and hard techno as well as trance. It was then where he kick started his path to becoming a DJ, first performing in Turkey in 2008. 

Story: Relocating to Bangkok in 2016, he quickly established himself within the scene, becoming active by performing at small-scale underground venues weekly. In addition to DJing, he decided to produce his own techno tracks as he believes that there aren't many producers in Thailand, only DJs. "What I realize is that Bangkok only has DJs, even though they have production knowledge and skills, they don't seem to produce much," says Hexer. 

His music has been described as 'dark' and 'hard-edged', providing a heavy yet groovy sound. Hexer has been an active producer for two years and his debut EP, The Rave Method, was released on Rebellious Records in April. 

Two more EPs were also released in June, Between Spaces and the old-school psy-techno inspired The Great Blue Sky. Hexer's productions show no signs of stopping and his busy schedule shows that. 

Why should you care: Because there is no other person who brings this dark sound, which some have dubbed "Detroit techno", Hexer has been performing, his name gaining traction and support from other like-minded individual artists and DJs. 

All of his EPs and latest releases can be streamed through Spotify and Soundcloud. Hexer describes his signature sounds as "kick that must slap your face while basslines are tripping in your body". If that doesn't sound hard, I don't know what will. 

Thoughts on the scene: Hexer definitely believes the Bangkok underground scene is growing. "It's changing, the mentality of the club owners, DJs, artists, the audience too," says Hexer.  

"The audience seems to be getting bored with the same old music that has been playing in town for many years such as commercialized dance music." 

He wishes that there is more collaboration among DJs within the community. "I would like more collaborations among artists so that we are more unified.  Everyone is scattered around." He also wishes club hours close much later, as he feels like it ends too early but one can dream in this country.